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  • Economy

    Stakeholder Value Add

    FedEx generates opportunity for millions of stakeholders across the world.

    Stakeholder Value AddFY13FY14FY15
    Dividends paid to shareowners (millions)$177$187$227
    Stock price (May 31 close)$96.34$144.16$173.22
    Salaries and team member benefits (billions)$16.06$16.17$17.11
    Diverse supplier spend (billions)$4.1$6.5*$6.7*
    Community investment (millions)$46.51$45.48$53.06

    *FY14 and FY15 data reflect an improved data collection process resulting from the adoption of a centralized sourcing model.

    Economic Impact of Citizenship

    Global Citizenship drives cost savings and revenue for our business.

    More than

    $6.2 billion

    in FY15 revenue came from customers seeking information on corporate citizenship and carbon emissions data.

    FY15 Efficiency Gains and Cost Savings
    Environmental objectiveFedEx initiativeFY15 cost savingsFY15 CO2e emissions avoided
    Reduce aircraft emission intensity 30% from a 2005 baseline by 2020Aircraft fleet modernization, FedEx® Fuel Sense operational improvements$296 million1.15 million metric tons
    Increase FedEx Express vehicle fuel efficiency 30% from a 2005 baseline by 2020Fuel-efficient driving, vehicle technology improvements and alternative fuel usage$65 million215,000 metric tons

    Community Giving

    FedEx contributed $53.06 million to charitable organizations in FY15. FedEx is committed to investing $200 million in more than 200 communities by 2020.

    FedEx is committed to investing $200 million in more than 200 communities by 2020.
  • Environment

    Reduce aircraft emissions intensity 30% from a 2005 baseline by 2020

    In 2015, our aircraft emissions intensity remained at a 21% reduction from the 2005 baseline. In FY15, FedEx saved almost 120 million gallons of jet fuel — avoiding nearly 1.15 million metric tons of CO2e.

    Progress against vehicle fuel efficiency increase.

    Obtain 30% of jet fuel from alternative fuels by 2030

    In FY15, we entered into an agreement with Colorado-based Red Rock Biofuels to purchase alternative jet fuel made from waste woody biomass. Starting in 2017, FedEx will blend the first 6 million gallons of this jet fuel on-site — half Jet A and half biofuel — meeting current aviation regulations and ultimately producing at least 48 million gallons over the term.

    Increase FedEx Express vehicle fuel efficiency 30% from a 2005 baseline by 2020

    In FY15 we increased efficiency by 4%, cumulatively increasing efficiency by more than 33.5% from a 2005 baseline, surpassing our goal five years early. Since 2008, our Reduce, Replace, Revolutionize program has saved 137 million gallons of fuel and avoided almost 1.5 million metric tons of CO2e.

    Progress against vehicle fuel efficiency increase.

    Seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification on all new U.S. FedEx Express buildings

    In the U.S., 10 FedEx Express sites are LEED certified, totaling 1.95 million square feet. Certification is underway at sites in Salt Lake City, Utah and Memphis, Tennessee.

    Expand on-site generation and continue to procure renewable energy for facilities

    In total, we have generated more than 46 GWh equivalents of solar energy — enough to power more than 4,000 homes for a year.

    Solar Energy Generation

    EMBARQ Impact Since 2010

    FedEx is a proud supporter of EMBARQ, an initiative of the World Resources Institute that provides practical, sustainable and scalable transportation solutions to cities in the developing world.

  • People

    FY15 Global Team Member Makeup

    As a global company, we see exceptional business and community value in the diversity of perspectives and experiences that our team members bring to work every day.

    FY15 Global Team Member MakeupTotalFemaleMale
    Management employees22,2704,92917,341
    Non-management employees300,76583,847216,918
    Other service providers*17,576N/AN/A
    Full-time employees (U.S. workforce only)149,00039,510109,490
    Part-time employees (U.S. workforce only)106,43531,71374,722
    *Includes businesses contracting with FedEx but not the actual number of personnel employed by those businesses.

    U.S. Retention Rates

    Team members frequently stay with FedEx for the long haul. Keeping team members engaged is important to the success of our company.

    Diversity at FedEx

    Women at FedEx
    (global data)

    Global Safety Data

    In FY15, our LTIR improved by 4 percent. Our Preventable Recordable Vehicle Accident Rate improved by almost 6 percent.

    Global Safety DataFY13FY14FY15
    Lost Time Injury Rates, per 200,000 hours worked*3.853.983.83
    Preventable Recordable Vehicle Accident Rates, per 1 million miles driven0.3020.3110.293

    *Global LTIR data is based on definitions from the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). FY13 and FY14 LTIR revised from last year's reported rates due to updated injury data for APAC region.

    FedEx Cares

    For the past ten years, team members have volunteered for local projects during FedEx Cares Week, our yearly kick-off to the United Way campaign.