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Economy: Small Businesses, Big Impact: FedEx Entrepreneurs of the Year

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Economy: Economic Development by the Numbers

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Economy: Delivering Local Goods Across the Globe

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India. United Kingdom. Mexico. These three very different countries and economies are all taking advantage of the explosive growth in e-commerce and cross-border trade.

Join Raj Subramaniam, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at FedEx, as he analyzes the changing face of economic development in these vibrant markets.

Snapshot: India

India’s population is booming. With millions of new jobs needed in the next 10 years, the country is looking to e-commerce — which is growing at a faster pace than traditional retail — and an expanded manufacturing base to transform its economy.

“Indian businesses no longer think that their market is their local village, their city, their state or even the country,” says Subramaniam, who was born and raised there. “The globe becomes their marketplace, and it’s the intersection between physical and virtual networks which makes that a reality.”

FedEx is supporting India’s economic growth and e-commerce sector by providing a solution for customers, including 30 flights through the country a week.

India Faces Challenges and Opportunities

Snapshot: United Kingdom

Small and medium-sized businesses are big players in the UK’s economy, making up nearly 99.9 percent of all companies and 50 percent of its GDP. With the explosive growth of e-commerce, many of these entrepreneurs are also moving into international markets. FedEx has been in the UK since 1984, and we support the growth of the world’s sixth-largest economy by helping our customers there pursue new possibilities.

“Small businesses are extremely critical for the makeup of the UK economy,” says Subramaniam. “We are partnering with our customers to succeed as they expand their businesses globally.”

London Calling: Small Business, Big Opportunities

Snapshot: Mexico

Mexico is well-positioned geographically to take advantage of the economic opportunities fostered by a global economy and a shift toward trade between neighbors. “The concept of nearshoring is taking shape,” says Subramaniam. “Cross-border trade between Mexico and the United States now amounts to approximately $1.4 billion per day.”

FedEx is helping fuel this economic growth with more than 800 shipping centers across Mexico, plus a new distribution center outside Mexico City. Hear more on how Mexico today is “a land of great opportunity.”

Mexico on the Rise