I Am FedEx, Team Members Who Bring Our Culture to Life

People: Students Learn the Power of Conversation

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People: Changing Lives by Living FedEx Values Around the World

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People: Two Generations, One FedEx

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Leading by Example

“Teamwork is as important at FedEx as it is in the military,” says Jandy Walker, who enlisted in the U.S. Army at 19 and served in Europe in the Infantry Division. Today, she is a Senior Project Analyst at FedEx Services in Collierville, TN. “Military training teaches you discipline, courage, loyalty, getting the job done and being able to handle crisis situations without panicking,” Jandy says, “and that’s very similar to how FedEx operates.” Hear how these qualities help Jandy in her high pressure job managing IT modernization for FedEx facilities.

I Am FedEx - Jandy Walker Military helps employee be FedEx strong

Master of Connections

Roland Mathias is an expert at navigating Mumbai, India, the colorful non-stop city where he was born and raised. “My role is connections,” says the man responsible for ensuring that not even a legendary Mumbai traffic jam gets in the way of delivering packages to FedEx customers. Watch Roland doing the job he loves.

The Master of Connections

Delivering Smiles in the Big Easy

Talk about a people-person — Quianna Anderson, a courier with FedEx Express in New Orleans, LA, gives new meaning to the phrase in the way she brings joy to her work and her customers. She says with winning confidence, “The way I deliver a fantastic FedEx experience is with a smile. If you’re having a bad day, I can put a smile on your face.” Ride along with Quianna and see how she does it.

Life in the Big Easy