Goals and

CSR Goals and Progress

In FY18, we made continued progress toward our social and environmental goals, meeting our community investment goal ahead of schedule.

Goals Progress Additional information
Investment in Communities
Invest $200 million in 200 communities around the world by 2020
  • $157 million since 2016
  • Community goal met in FY18: 252 communities benefited since 2016
  • FedEx Cares goal was set in 2016
  • Team members provided 81,976 volunteer hours in FY18
Aircraft Emissions
Reduce aircraft emissions intensity 30 percent from a 2005 baseline by 2020
  • 22.6 percent reduction from a 2005 baseline
  • Original goal was met and we are now on a revised goal
Our aircraft modernization and FedEx® Fuel Sense programs:
  • Saved more than 204 million gallons of fuel
  • Avoided more than 1.97 million metric tons of CO₂e emissions in FY18
Vehicle Fuel Efficiency
Increase FedEx Express vehicle fuel efficiency 50 percent from a 2005 baseline by 2025
  • Improved fuel efficiency by 1.7 percentage points during FY18, contributing to a 39.6 percent improvement from a 2005 baseline
Our efforts avoided 240,000 metric tons of CO₂e emissions in FY18 due to:
  • Upgrading our vehicle fleet and implementing innovative technologies, including use of alternative fuels
  • Improving operations through routing, automation and driver monitoring
LEED-Certified Facilities
Seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification on all new U.S. FedEx Express buildings
FedEx Express (U.S.)
  • 5 new LEED-certified facilities in FY18
  • 19 LEED-certified facilities at the end of FY18, totaling 825,142 square meters
  • FedEx Express (International): 3 LEED-certified facilities
  • FedEx Ground (U.S.): 6 LEED-certified facilities
  • FedEx Office (U.S.): 1 LEED-certified facility
Alternative Fuels
Obtain 30 percent of jet fuel from alternative fuels by 2030
  • Red Rock Biofuels, which will supply low-carbon, renewable jet fuel to FedEx Express, broke ground on a biodiesel refinery near the end of FY18
  • Estimated first delivery of commercially viable and available alternative jet fuels is anticipated in 2020
Renewable Energy
Expand on-site energy generation and continue to procure renewable energy for facilities
  • 3 new solar installations in FY18
  • 23 total on-site solar installations at end of FY18
  • 21 million kWh generated in FY18
  • 12,504 metric tons of CO₂e emissions avoided in FY18